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Human-centric service robotics for industrial applications

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As part of their continuous effort to maintain leadership among digital manufacturing solutions providers, the research and development team at Sogeti High Tech (a subsidiary of Capgemini) wanted to introduce human-centric robotic IoT solutions by combining their globally renowned expertise with devices developed by a uniquely innovative robotics company.

The challenge

In order to effectively respond to their clients’ diverse range of needs, Sogeti needed to meet several criteria in their search for a robotics company with which to partner. Chief among Thetheir requirements were devices that were neither too industrial, nor too big, but were flexible, adaptable and easy for their end-users to work with.

The approach

Sogeti asked its customers about their needs to get a precise view of what they should be looking for — after extensive online research, the company discovered that Kinova was the only company that offered the right robot not just for industrial collaborative robotics, but for operator-centric assistive robotics. This presented the right opportunity for a partnership.

The first step was to introduce, integrate and configure Kinova solutions for industrialapplications, which represented the main point of the innovation on Sogeti’s side. From there, the focus became how to deploy this robot into industry, create new and tangible value for Sogeti’s customers and their companies, and make it accessible to organizations withgrowing cost pressures — a disruptive and a brand-new approach towards collaborative robotics was needed.

The objectives

  1. Provide lightweight, service-oriented robotics  technology that was easy to set up, tear down and operate.
  2. Ensure our robots could be used to meet the requirements of different applications, and provided enough adaptability and flexibility to interact with physical equipment.
  3. Provide accessible solutions through new purchase mechanisms such as Robotics -as-a-Service.

I was looking for a partnership — not just a product… I’m very confident to continue moving forward with Kinova. Besides, and this remains as a key point, the Kinova products are very good for my team and we have the same vision about the future of robotics.

Fabrice Robert, research and development cell manager, Sogeti High Tech

The results

With Kinova providing the technology to enhance Sogeti High Tech’s deep knowledge of its own client base — ranging from automotive and aerospace sectors, to engineering, manufacturing and customer services — as well as its expertise integrating robotics, the latter has been able to play a larger role in the development of service robotics for new domains of industry processes.

Chief amongst Sogeti’s accomplishments in collaboration with Kinova is their key global platform, known as Teach Robot Yourself (TRY), which allows for easier setup, integration and monitoring of collaborative robots everywhere from plants to design offices to test benches, and creates ease in the use of robots for testing, automation and collaborative learning. as a customer. For example, in Sogeti’s work with Airbus, the concept’s launch customer, they were able to use Kinova products to test cockpit operations, human-machine interfaces and processes with great success.

Other similar-sized organizations have since taken advantage of this novel approach and benefitted from our joint service-robot solutions for inspection and test tasks in production, maintenance and research settings. With Sogeti High Tech developing the software and Kinova providing the mechanical portion of each project, our combined forces and service offerings are creating a market together to