Handle dangerous materials safely

Humans should never be exposed to the dangers of explosive devices and harmful chemicals, but the simple truth is that handling them requires human wherewithal. Kinova’s robotic solutions are fully adaptable to platforms used in both the manipulation of hazardous materials (Nuclear Biological Chemical Damage) and bomb disposal (improvised explosive devices). Remove the element of danger, and provide safety and security to your teams.


Enhance your control in any scenario

Our robotics put your skilled workers in full control of any high-risk situation, no matter the level of danger involved. We’ve developed our technology to ensure that a human must be actively involved, in order to make the right call at the right time at the speed required. Being at the commands of a product with superior control allows you to perform any defusal or disposal more securely and efficiently.


Adapt our technology to meet your needs

Kinova provides solutions to first responders all over the world, from police forces and fire departments, to municipal and state-level bomb squads. Our work with international entities, such as Remotec and the Israeli National Police Bomb Disposal Division, has served as a beacon to the rest of the world that robot technology can provide heightened levels of security to your safety officials. Whatever the stakes, our developers will adapt our products to ensure your countries, your cities and, most importantly, your citizens remain safe.