Become sought-after in your field

Our mission to empower humans extends to those seeking to discover new things and answer pressing questions about the world in which we live. Kinova makes the lives of research teams in academia, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, security and other areas easier and more efficient, in order to help them realize the full extent of their work and deploy it quicker.

Researchers, in turn, can more easily establish themselves as renowned publishers of academic and research papers, sources of knowledge and in-demand references in their respective fields. Those who double as educators can also provide higher-quality training to their students in a more enriched and stimulating learning environment, supporting them with the tools to take what they learn and apply it to their respective industries.


Increase the efficiency of your workspace

Kinova brings adaptability, flexibility and scalability to your lab, meaning your teams will spend more time achieving results and less time building towards them. Our solutions can adapt to any work environment to address multiple needs, and are built to withstand both physical force and the evolution of other technologies, no matter how the needs of your research space advance over time.

Partner with us and redefine support

Partner with us and redefine support

Having robotics from Kinova present in your research space immediately sets you apart from others in your field. On top of our advanced capabilities, we’re far more than just a support team. Partnering with us means our application experts accompany you throughout every stage of your project, working with you to execute all the way to the finish line. With easy access to our robots, seamless integration and never-ending assistance, we don’t stop until you’ve successfully met your objectives. Whether you’re an academic looking to publish, whether you’re a startup or producing a prototype, whether you’re an established company looking to hit new product levels — we’re unconditionally yours.