robotic solutions for handicap

Solutions for Users

When we established Kinova back in 2006, our founding principle was to empower humans to gain autonomy and improve their quality of living through our technology. To make performing the simplest activities of daily life a realistic possibility for those incapable of doing so — and to this day, that part of our mission hasn’t changed. When we design or distribute assistive solutions — from robotic arms to dynamic arm supports, from full to partial-assistance — our goal is to increase each individual user’s range of capabilities, in order to help them experience greater independence, dignity, self-confidence, safety and participation in society, thus breaking free of isolation.

robotics for caregivers

Solutions for caregivers

Whether you’re an occupational therapist, a home-care assistant or a family caregiver, when another human’s well-being is in your hands, you want to be sure you’re creating the best conditions possible for everyone.

Our assistive solutions cater to many activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene, nourishment and interaction with one’s environment. By empowering users to carry out basic tasks, you can focus on providing more impactful treatments and spending more quality time with them.

robotics for clinics

Solutions for Clinics

As technology continues to evolve, becoming more and more innovative by the day, medical institutions aren’t always able to keep up.

Each time a new breakthrough emerges and the industry benchmarks for medical equipment are raised, the harder it becomes for your clinic to give clients the most accurate, efficient and cost-saving treatments available.

Equipping your clinic with assistive technologies from Kinova enhances your staff’s capabilities, in turn increasing the quality of healthcare you’re able to provide.

robots reimbursement

Reimbursement Advising

Whether you’re a user, a therapist or someone working in a clinic, we can help you discover what reimbursement options are available to you. We know the process can feel daunting, so let us help you make it simpler.