surgical robots

Surgical robotics

The need for safe, intuitive, configurable and user-friendly robotic solutions are vital to work alongside surgeons and their staff in the operating room.  

Many of our partners in the medical domain come to us not knowing exactly what robotic technology is available or how it can help them improve patient outcomes. We work closely with them to identify their specific requirements and find the right solution.

Whether it’s as an OEM partner to build custom solutions to integrate with other platforms, or configuring our robots to meet specific design needs, our highly adaptive and human-friendly technology is democratizing surgical robotics in the medical industry.

robotics for handicap

Assistive solutions for users and caregivers

Kinova’s humble beginnings were focussed on assistive robots for people with upper limb immobility, inspired by our CEO’s determination to build solutions for his three uncles living with muscular dystrophy.

Now, we work with distributors around the world to offer various devices and solutions, making assistive technology more accessible for users, their caregivers, and the clinics that serve them.

Assistive technolgies and devices

Discover how Kinova’s renowned robotic arm, JACO, and other assistive technologies and devices are giving users the autonomy to perform daily tasks that most people take for granted.

Eating, drinking, playing, working, scratching an itch… almost anything a human arm can do is now possible.

Join us in shaping the future of medical Intervention

Kinova partners with innovators and influencers to accelerate the robotization of medical interventions and improved patient outcomes through adoption and better accessibility of technology.