Add expertise and logistics to your operation

No matter your maintenance and inspection needs, we want to partner with you to introduce robotics that will create the right solutions for your company and clients. We partner with application experts in logistics and advanced manufacturing from around the world (Capgemini/Sogeti High Tech, HIT Robot Group, Controlar, Robotnik, Clearpath and more) to develop maintenance and inspection that ensure your needs are well-understood and well-met. Now, we want to work with you.

Kinova develops flexible, adaptable, service-oriented devices built to complement and interact with any parts and objects you use, or any type of environment in which you work. Our solutions are uniquely mobile and versatile, and made accessible technically and financially by way of our flexible models and expert teams working with you to ensure you get the most from our equipment, whether you’re a robotics expert or not. Talk to us about how we can work together.