Solutions for Users

When we established Kinova back in 2006, our founding principle was to empower humans to gain autonomy and improve their quality of living through our technology. To make performing the simplest activities of daily life a realistic possibility for those incapable of doing so — and to this day, that part of our mission hasn’t changed. When we design or distribute assistive solutions — from robotic arms to dynamic arm supports, from full to partial-assistance — our goal is to increase each individual user’s range of capabilities, in order to help them experience greater independence, dignity, self-confidence, safety and participation in society, thus breaking free of isolation.


Solutions for Therapists

When another human’s well-being is in your hands, you want to be sure you’re creating the best conditions possible for both your client and yourself. Whether you’re an occupational therapist, a home-care assistant or somewhere in between, Kinova technology makes it easier for licensed care providers to bring functionality back to their clients’ daily lives, helping them meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Our solutions cater to many activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene, nourishment and interaction with one’s environment, letting you optimize your schedule by reducing time dedicated to helping clients carry out basic tasks. Increase your client’s success by focusing on providing more impactful treatments, spending quality time with them and much more.


Solutions for Clinics

Client care goes far beyond the home. Equipping clinics with the latest technologies allows doctors, physical therapists and other medically trained rehabilitation specialists to provide advanced treatments to individuals with mobility impairments. Kinova’s devices offer adaptable solutions that are less complex to use and more intuitive to a user’s movements. Your clients will appreciate your newfound ability to help them regain movement with decreased muscle strain and increased range of motion.


Reimbursement Advising

Every location throughout the world might have a different set of rules, but when it comes to reimbursement, most of our clients’ needs are the same. Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a Kinova product, you’ll want someone to guide you through the process to ensure that affording one isn’t an issue. That’s what our team is here for: we can provide valuable info on available funding or financing options (through government programs, private funding, insurance coverage, etc.) based on your condition, financial situation and location. You’re never alone in this journey.