Keep up with the times

As technology continues to evolve, becoming more and more innovative by the day, medical institutions aren’t always able to keep up. Each time a new breakthrough emerges and the industry benchmarks for medical equipment are raised, the harder it becomes for your clinic to give clients with the most accurate, efficient and cost-saving treatments available. Equipping your clinic with assistive technologies from Kinova enhances your staff’s capabilities, in turn increasing the quality of healthcare you’re able to provide to clients.


Increasing capabilities from all angles

Integrating Kinova technology into your clinic can increase its versatility in several ways. From a client perspective, your team of doctors, physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists will be able to offer them advanced techniques, opening up a new set of therapeutic strategies. For staff and residents, you’ll also be fostering an environment that encourages them to learn and adapt to next generation technologies now entering therapists’ toolboxes, which will, one day, become the norm

Partner with a medical ally

Partner with a medical ally

We provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for your clinic that are smaller and more adaptable than legacy equipment, less complex to operate and more intuitive to a user’s movements. Our many existing partnerships within the medical community (Montreal’s MUHC Hospital, CHUM Hospital, TransMedTech Institute, Ste-Justine Hospital and Jewish General Hospital, as well as the IUCPQ Hospital at Université Laval in Quebec City) demonstrate the level of trust and reliability Kinova has earned. Now, as a B2B2C supplier, we want to partner with your organization to change what it means for our clients to live better, more independent lives