Augment human capability

Our desire to empower humans extends across all areas of manufacturing. Kinova’s operator-centric service robotics are built to assist and complement their operators at all times, rather than marginalizing human capability. The technologies that we adapt to your factories and facilities are fully controlled by your workers, who decide each movement the robot makes, so it can adapt their working conditions — not the other way around.


Innovate the way you manufacture

Kinova looks at Industry 4.0 in new and innovative ways to address the real needs of manufacturing. Our flexible, scalable robots do more than just provide your establishment with adaptability to empower your workers. They ensure safer, more secure processes throughout your production lines. They gather information about your needs to work intuitively. They establish advanced efficiency as the norm within your work environment.

Build towards the future

Build towards the future

Our approach and philosophy to innovating how robots interact and how we can supply the market with accessible solutions has yielded many successful collaborations. We’re proud of our many partnerships — including our work with IT and digital manufacturing leader Sogeti High Tech on Teach Robot Yourself, a system designed to make robots easier to setup, integrate and use — and we’re excited about bringing similar results to your company. If you’re looking to bring your operation into the future, Kinova wants to work with you.