academic researchers

Solutions for Academic Research

Researchers in academic fields need next-generation robots with a fast learning curve, such as the ability to use preferred tools like Matlab, ROS, Python and C++. Or start quickly right out-of-the-box.

With open software and flexible hardware, our intuitive, portable and safe robots are adaptable to researchers’ needs for multiple applications, including dynamic tasks in unstructured human environments.


Create new interactive grasping solutions using haptics

Many research applications for industrial, nuclear and medical fields require performing delicate teleoperated tasks such as sensitive insertions. Our KINOVAGen 3 Ultra lightweight robot integrates seamlessly with Haption’s Virtuose 6DTM for a turnkey solution.

  • Plug & Play, no programming required
  • Real-time simultaneous control
  • Force feedback upon contact
  • Extremely intuitive solution

Solutions for Industrial Research

Companies are searching for innovative solutions to increase productivity and boost efficiency through automation and human-robot collaboration.

Modularity, control, connectivity and openness are essential to perform a wide variety of static and mobile industrial research applications in both structured and unstructured human environments.

robtic arm

Robotic arms for pathbreaking research

Kinova offers two generations of ultra lightweight, safe and portable robotic arms for the fastest time to discovery.

Available in multiple configurations to meet your needs, our robotic arms offer the best weight-to-payload ratio, open hardware and software, and unprecedented control.

Case Studies

Discover the innovative ways our clients and partners use Kinova robots to conduct pathbreaking research projects.