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Prof. Siddhartha Srinivasa

Kinova's robots are the best in their category. They are thoughtfully designed, have a fantastic kinematic reachability, and are safe and light-weight. I am also deeply impressed with Kinova's commitment to deploying their arms in the real world for people with real needs. I am excited to be working closely with them.

Prof. Siddhartha Srinivasa

Carnegie Mellon University - University of Washington
Director Robotics AI at Amazon
Topics of research:
-Human-Robot Interaction

Prof. Andrea Thomaz

Our work is aimed at developing service robots that operate side-by-side with humans, in dynamic human environments. Safe and effective operation in close proximity to people is something that Kinova has made a priority in their design, and this is why the Gen2 has become the manipulator of choice for our service robot applications.

Prof. Andrea Thomaz

University of Texas at Austin - Dilligent Robotics
Topics of research:
Artificial Intelligence
Human-robot Interaction

Dr. Beata Jarosiewicz, phD

We're excited to be using the Kinova Gen2 arm and 3-finger gripper as part of our neural prosthetics research. The form factor and capabilities of this robot are well-suited for our goal of allowing people with paralysis to be able to control an assistive arm directly with their brain activity to perform activities of daily living. We've also been impressed with Kinova's software support for research-grade interactions with the underlying firmware.

Dr. Beata Jarosiewicz, phD

Stanford University - Brain Gate
Topic of research:
-Brain-Computer Interface
Dept: EE, BioE and Neurobiology

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Kinova Gen3 robot for research

Gen3 - Our most versatile and open robotic platform

Kinova's Gen3 robot is for research professionals of varying levels of expertise to test and automate simple or complex grasping and manipulation applications. Ultra lightweight and portable, Gen3 is ideal for labs and other unstructured research environments where safe human-robot interaction is required. 

  • Option of 6-DoF or 7-DoF
  • 4kg payload (mid-range continuous)
  • Kinova Kortex open API software
  • High-level and low-level control
  • Optional integrated vision module
Kinova gen3 lite robot for research

Gen3 lite - The most compact professional for light tasks

The Kinova Gen3 lite is the new standard in professional robots for lighter payloads at an affordable cost. As the name implies, it's a smaller and simpler version of our Gen3 robot, but with the same robust Kinova Kortex open API software. Which means your programs and applications can run on multiple Gen3 lite and Gen 3 robots. 

  • Available with 6 DoF
  • Payload up to 500 g
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • High-level and low-level control
  • For all levels of expertise
Kinova Gen2 robot for research

The dexterous Kinova Gen2 ultra lightweight robot

The Kinova Gen2 robot is the manipulator of choice of over 500 research centers and universities in more than 40 countries, now at an even more affordable price point. As with all Kinova robots, Gen2 is designed for safety and human-robot interaction, and is successfully being used for everything from brain control research to cleaning bathrooms, from robotic nurses to automated agriculture. 

  • Optional 4, 6 or 7 DoF
  • Open architecture SDK
  • ROS compatible
  • Plug-and-play capability


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