Kinova's ultra-lightweight robots are adaptable and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, enabling you to innovate faster.

Professional robotic solution mobile platform for security and EOD applications with Kinova Gen2 robotic arm picking up a bag

Security, EOD and Hazmat

Advancements in vision, sensors, teleoperation, and AI capabilities offer optimal solutions to investigate dangerous environments and perform tasks that are too risky for humans.

Kinova’s ultra-lightweight and portable robotic arms are fully adaptable to platforms used in both the manipulation of hazardous materials (nuclear/chemical/biological) and bomb disposal (improvised explosive devices) also known as EOD.

Our state-of-the-art manipulators are also developed to ensure a human can actively be involved, controlling the robot and using their expertise to make the right call at the right time to perform any defusing or disposal tasks.

Kinova Gen2 ultra-lightweight carbon fiber robotic arm testing ATM machine test automation automatic testing numeric pad

Testing, Maintenance, and Inspection

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects when looking to automate testing, maintenance, or inspection operations. Chances are you'll have more than one part or object, in different types of environment, under different circumstances. You get the picture.

With Kinova’s robust hardware and powerful software, you can adapt and configure your robotic arm to perform a multitude of maintenance and inspection tasks. You can trust our robotic arms to do the work for endless hours, where humans have no added value. This frees up your workforce, increasing productivity, driving continuous optimization through performance data analysis, or simply doing value-added tasks.

Kinova Gen3 robot vision-based application picking up actuator pieces from a tray for logistics and warehousing businesses

Logistics and Warehousing

Automation in logistics has traditionally been focused on highly standardized processes such as ‘goods-to-picker’ models that work with standard pallet sizes and marked routes.

Kinova’s robotic arms are designed to perform in non-standard environments, offering more flexibility to businesses looking to automate and optimize logistics operations.

If mobile applications are required, our ultra-lightweight construction and embedded controller features, on top of low power consumption, will surely make a difference.

Kinova Gen2 robotic arm mounted on Clearpath Husky UGV mobile platform for agrifood in the field corn maze applications


Start automating your greenhouse and outside field operations in order to increase your efficiency, yield, and product quality. 

Some of the key features required for agrifood automation come standard with our off-the-shelf robots, such as payload-to-weight ratio, low power consumption, and embedded controller, making them ideal for mobile platforms. Our Gen3 robots also come with a modular wrist interface for easy changeability in terms of end-effectors, and 2D/3D vision module in option.

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