research robotics

Open robotic solutions to advance research

Our user-friendly, adaptive robotic solutions are ideal for academic and industrial researchers to get started quickly using their preferred tools, and discover exciting ways for robots to enhance human and business capabilities.

Key to today’s research needs, our solutions are designed to perform dynamic tasks in unstructured human environments in a wide array of applications.

Adaptive industrial and security robotic solutions

Adaptive industrial and security robotic solutions

Kinova is meeting the growing demand from businesses of all sizes with solutions that adapt to changing environments and work safely with humans to complement their skills and value.

Flexible, open and the best payload-to-weight ratio, our robotics are ideal for interacting with any parts and objects used in maintenance and inspection applications or automating and optimizing logistics operations.

With much needed capabilities like embedded vision, sensors, and teleoperation, humans can safely manipulate hazardous materials and IEDs.

Solutions for Medical and Assistive needs

Solutions for Medical and Assistive needs

Solutions that foster human-robot interaction are vital in the future of surgical and medical intervention, as well as assistive technology.

The foundation of Kinova’s solutions from day one was about designing safe technology to work with and for humans. Our state-of-the-art hardware and software capabilities allow configuration of solutions to meet specific needs to improve patient outcomes and better user experiences.

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