Let me for once shed off my usual impersonal, fact-oriented writing style to tell you this. I love robotics. I find the field fascinating because I get to learn new things all the time from people I work with that have a completely different skill set and background from me. At its core, the field of robotics sits at a crossroads between all sorts of technologies, combining mechanical parts, electronics, software, and more to yield incredible machines that can do all sorts of things. 

This multidisciplinary aspect is what I want to discuss in this series or, more specifically, the people behind it. It takes more than just a handful of engineers to make a robot into a product that people use. All kinds of backgrounds can lead you to the field of robotics and let you have a positive impact either on the product or its users. Whether you are a student pondering which classes or which program you want to study in, a worker thinking of switching fields in the hope of new challenges, a teacher/professor/counselor helping younger minds discover new career paths. Or just someone curious about what it takes to make a robot, join me as I interview some colleagues who have various roles, academic backgrounds, and skillsets. Dive with me and discover what it is like to do their jobs in the field of robotics.

Over time, we'll make more articles from the 'Jobs in Robotics' content series available, for now, all the available articles can be found below.