Kinova's robotic solutions offer the openness for teaching manipulation applications to students of all experience levels and across many disciplines such as:

robot automation

robots and computer science

robotic engineering

robots for manufacturing


Safe, portable and power-efficient for labs and classrooms

Meet our compact and cost-efficient Kinova Gen3 lite. Like all Kinova robots, Gen3 lite is designed for safety to work alongside humans in cluttered and unstructured environments, like busy labs and classrooms.

Its compact size, powerful KINOVA KORTEXTM open API software and affordable price point make it ideal for sharing your applications across multiple Gen3 lite robots in multiple locations.

robot for education curriculum

5 ways to accelerate learning with our robots

Whether you have your own curriculum or are looking for a new one, Kinova offers the professional robots and solutions needed to help educators pave the way.

  1. Faster time from theory to actual robotic applications
  2. Adaptable for all levels of programming knowledge
  3. Fast to install and easy to share between classrooms & labs
  4. An open API, plus compatible with ROS, C++ and Python
  5. Intuitive Web interface from any desktop or mobile device

Open new horizons by offering more students hands-on robotics experiences

teaching robotics to students

Educating the next generation of innovators

Kinova is passionate about sharing our love for robotics - and our expertise - with the next generation of innovators.

In addition to doing presentations and sponsoring robotics events at schools across North America, our talented team of Kinovian ambassadors mentor students of all ages in competitions. Our company also has a renowned intern program for upcoming and recent graduates.