One robot, all your research needs

Extremely versatile and portable, the KINOVAGen3 Ultra lightweight robot is pathbreaking, built from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of academic and industry research teams.

For starters, your robot can be used between multiple applications, projects and environments, offering you the most value. It also has exciting, unique features like embedded 2D/3D vision and a Quick Connect controller. What’s more, it’s enabled by our new pathbreaking software framework and application development platform, KINOVA KORTEXTM.

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More capabilities with unprecedented control

More capabilities with unprecedented control

From base to end effector, everything about our third-generation service robot is designed to complement and augment what you can do. It’s also the first with built-in discrete 2D and 3D sensors, ideal for vision-based robotic control.

  • Embedded 2D/3D vision
  • 7 DOF
  • Embedded controller in each actuator
  • Torque sensor in each joint
  • Unlimited joint rotations
Safety you can count on, a robot you can trust

Safety you can count on, a robot you can trust

The KINOVA Gen3 Ultra lightweight robot is built for human-robot interaction. Which means it’s not intended to automate tasks, but rather to work with people, enabling you to transcend your physical limitations with confidence.

  • Designed to be inherently safe
  • 3D visualization of volumetric safety zones
  • Configurable safety features



8,2 kg


4 kg


902 mm

Power consumption

36 W
Use haptics to perform delicate teleoperated tasks

Use haptics to perform delicate teleoperated tasks

See our new turnkey solution integrating our Gen 3ultra lightweight robot seamlessly with Haption’s Virtuoso 6DTM. Ideal for research applications for industrial, nuclear and medical fields that require haptics for sensitive insertions.

  • Create new interactive grasping solutions
  • Plug & Play, no programming required
  • Force feedback upon contact
  • Extremely intuitive solution
Adapts to your needs

Adapts to your needs

Depending on the project, objective and who’s using the robot, you need the flexibility to quickly change end effectors as needed. The new interface module on our third-generation robot allows simple connectivity with a wide variety of end effectors, instruments and sensors.

  • RS-485
  • Ethernet (100 Mbps)
  • GPIOs
  • I2C
  • UART
  • Power
Control, convenience and connectivity

Control, convenience and connectivity

The practical controller makes it simple to connect your robot in a number of ways and is adaptable for multiple application needs. In fact, you have multiple ways of controlling it, including bypassing the controller for direct access to each individual actuator with closed-loop control at 1kHz.

Works with preferred tools

Works with preferred tools

Whether you’re a robotics expert or a student starting out, the KINOVAGen3 Ultra lightweight robot comes ready to use and interact with in less than 30 minutes.

  • Built-in functionality using ROS, MATLAB or Simulink
  • Advanced programming environment in C++ and Python
  • Intuitive web application connects from any desktop or mobile device
  • No software installation required
MathWorks Connections Program Partner

MathWorks Connections Program Partner

MathWorks is an Alpha user of the KINOVAGen3 Ultra lightweight robot, which offers researchers use of the MATLAB® and Simulink® tools right out of the box.

Kinova and MathWorks continue to collaborate and exchange ideas to help improve our respective technologies.

Open and intuitive

In order to keep up with the speed of innovation, it’s essential that technology be open, scalable, flexible and adaptable. Which is why the KINOVA®Gen3 Ultra lightweight robot is enabled by KINOVA® KORTEXTM, our pathbreaking software framework and application development platform.

With its extremely open API and ever-expanding functionality, you have the ability to continuously  adapt your robot to your specific needs, and always keep up with the latest trends in robotics.

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