The products that started it all.

From the moment the lights went on at Kinova, our pride and joy has been the device that inspired our founder to start the business: the original JACO arm. Our mission, since day one, has been to use it to empower human beings — and it still is, but our definition of “empower human beings” has greatly expanded. Today, that very first arm has evolved into the KINOVATMRobotic arm series, bringing independence into the daily lives of people with physical impairments, as well as efficiency to researchers; expanded capability to medical practitioners; and innovative applications to advanced manufacturing, security and a whole host of other industries.


Assistive technology that works for and with you

We develop the KINOVATMProsthetic robotic arm to be light, compact and power-efficient, giving you an adaptable, flexible and easy-to-use solution for your environment. Kinova’s design philosophy and attention to detail ensures that our robotic solutions are not just versatile, but also safe whenever operated by or near humans. Regardless of your needs, our robots are built to augment and complement your capabilities.


Adapt your arms to your innovative project

Our KINOVATM Ultra lightweight robotic arm has proven effective in responding to the different needs of different people. We develop each model using open architecture, giving users greater flexibility and scalability with hardware and software. For researchers and application developers, this enables you to move your projects forward more efficiently. Certain models from the KINOVATM Ultra lightweight series can also be integrated with most existing mobile platforms, allowing room for manipulations without significantly reducing their autonomy. Our technology was made to adapt to your reality. Learn more info about the KINOVA™ Ultra lightweight robotic arm.



Reliability leads to better research

Efficiency and reliable performance are the hallmarks of the KINOVA MICO™ robotic arm. Bringing our original research robot into your workspace allows you to spend less time researching, more time getting results and more of your team's effort on advancing other areas of your work. Our device's ability to plug and play helps it fit seamlessly into any environment, whether you're in academia, advanced manufacturing, medicine, security, or other related fields. Learn more info about the MICO Robotic arm.

Reach out to us. We’ll help you find the right arm.

Whether our KINOVATMRobotic arm series empowers your everyday life or provide an innovative solution to advance your workplace, we want to help guide you towards the one that meets your needs. Contact us to book a demo with one of our specialists, or simply to learn more details about each product and how it can work for you. We’re always here to assist when you have questions.

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