Kinova Gen3 white robot with embedded vision 7 dof (degrees of freedom / axis) full angled view without end-effector

Gen3 - Our most versatile and open robotic platform

Kinova's Gen3 robot is adaptable for varying levels of expertise to test and perform simple or complex grasping and manipulation tasks. Ultra lightweight and portable, Gen3 is ideal for dynamic human-robot interactions in unstructured environments

  • Option of 6-DoF or 7-DoF
  • 4kg payload (mid-range continuous)
  • KINOVA KORTEXTM open API software
  • High-level and low-level control
  • Optional integrated vision module
Kinova Gen3 lite robot robotic arm 6 dof degrees of freedom axes white and blue full side view with embedded 2-finger gripper

Gen3 lite - The most compact professional for light tasks

The Kinova Gen3 lite is the new standard in professional robots for lighter payloads. As the name implies, it's a smaller and simpler version of our Gen3 robot, but with the same robust KINOVA KORTEXTM open API software. Which means your programs and applications can run on multiple Gen3 lite and Gen 3 robots. 

  • Available with 6 DoF
  • Payload up to 500 g
  • Ultra lightweight for portability
  • High-level and low-level control
  • For all levels of expertise
Kinova Gen2 robotic arm professional robot ultra lightweight with underactuated 3-finger gripper black & gray full side view

The dexterous Kinova Gen2 ultra lightweight robot

The Kinova Gen2 robot is the manipulator of choice of over 500 academic and industrial researchers around the world. Inspired by the Kinova JACO Assistive robot, it's designed for safety and human-robot interaction, and is successfully being used for everything from brain control research to cleaning bathrooms, from dismantling EODs to automating agriculture. 

  • Available in 6 or 7 DoF (degrees of freedom)/axis
  • Open architecture SDK
  • ROS compatible
  • Plug-and-play capability