Redefine the future of medical innovation.

When Kinova envisions the future, we see ourselves playing more significant roles both in the ways medical intervention affects human lives and healthcare evolves — for us, though, it all begins here and now with our robotics technology. Along with our US-based medical device manufacturing partner, we work to distribute a medical-grade arm, the KINOVATMMedical robotic arm, and collaborate to provide solutions for advancements in instrumentation, navigation and data science. Today, our arms are helping to innovate the ways in which practitioners and researchers carry out their work, but we’re always looking towards what we can do tomorrow.

Adaptable solutions, advanced results

Adaptable solutions, advanced results

The KINOVATMMedical series opens up a world of possibilities with everyone in the medical community, from doctors to therapists to researchers. Teams are given the capability to perform advanced techniques in rehabilitation, carry out more efficient studies and trials in the lab, and carefully perform certain surgical procedures with more precision than ever before. Kinova’s innovative solutions have carved out a place in the clinical world through flexibility, scalability and, most of all, reliability.


Propel your research forward

Everyone in the medical community wants to be the one to discover the next innovative breakthrough to positively impact humankind — and with the KINOVATMMedical robotics on your side, you’ll get there easier and more efficiently. Our intuitive solutions allow you to spend less time gradually building towards results and more time achieving them, allowing you to simultaneously focus on other projects and get your findings published sooner. Become a recognized leader in your field.


Upgrade your medical capabilities

The KINOVATMMedical series is built for precision, adaptability and versatility in all situations whether you’re using our arms to carry out complex procedures or teaching the next generation of medical practitioners to work with robotics.


Empower yourself with KINOVA Medical series

Discover what our KINOVATMMedical series can do for your clinic or research team. Learn more about the specifical technical details of our solutions and contact us with any questions you have. We’ll be happy to fill in any gaps and help you figure out how our robotic technology can enhance your environment.