Summon universal control from one device.

No matter how many robotic arms you have, no matter where you have them —  clinic, home, lab, factory — all you need is one controller to run them all. That’s why we’ve created one simple solution to help you control and retrieve information from your Kinova devices. Our lightweight, compact controller features a 1 Mbps CANBUS joystick, 24V input power, a 360 MHz CPU, and are fully compatible with our entire range of products. In addition to USB and Ethernet, each controller is connectable through a direct joystick port, and is Software development kit-enabled and ROS-enabled.


So many options, so little size

Within our multifaceted KINOVATMController series are multitude of options for connection. Each one features a joystick port for direct control, as well as a USB port for accessing our KINOVATMSoftware development kit, a USB host port and an ethernet port. The lightweight, compact device is also enabled for use with our software and ROS, allowing you seamless communication between you and your device.


Run the gamut of Kinova products

Enjoy the convenience of knowing that you’ve got versatile control at your fingertips. Our controller is completely compatible with all devices in our range, whether it’s something more complex like robotic arms, dynamic arm supports or a mobile manipulator platform, or something more precise like actuators or grippers.


Power up with the KINOVA Controller series

If you’re looking for a convenient, universal solution to control any and all of the Kinova products you use, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s full-sized service robots, actuators or grippers, bring ease and intuitiveness back into your work and lead the way from the comfort of a joystick.