Kinova partners with innovators and influencers to accelerate the robotization of medical interventions and improved patient outcomes through adoption and better accessibility of technology.

Kinova surgical robots

Surgical robotics

The need for safe, intuitive, configurable and user-friendly robotic solutions are vital to work alongside surgeons and their staff in the operating room.  

Many of our partners in the medical domain come to us not knowing exactly what robotic technology is available or how it can help them improve patient outcomes. We work closely with them to identify their specific requirements and find the right solution.

Kinova quality assured medical robots

The highest standards in product design and manufacturing

Kinova designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, installs and maintains:

  • Robotic arms for people with disabilities - Medical device class I
  • Robotic parts used for surgical platforms
  • Professional robotic arms (not covered by certification)

From design and engineering through the production, testing and manufacturing process, Kinova's headquarters is a one-stop shop to ensure only the highest standards in product development. Our service is also renowned for it's excellence.

Build customized medical solutions with our off-the-shelf quality robots

Discover Kinova's versatile and open robots that integrate with your modern medical technology to build world-class solutions.

Join us in shaping the future of medical innovation through human-robot collaboration