Kinova Gen3 lightweight robotic arm robot on table grabbing tumbler metal high glass Tomahawk Robotics and Kinova partnership

Making robotics more accessible with our new partner, Tomahawk Robotics

In our drive to democratize robotics and make them more accessible, our latest collaboration with Tomahawk Robotics offers highly flexible robotic control solutions for manipulation applications in professional, assistive and research robotics.

"Extensible common control reduces integration costs, opens up a wider range of use cases and makes the use of robotics technology accessible to a broader cross section of the population. This is right in line with our vision to empower humanity through robotics," said Charles Deguire, CEO of Kinova. "This partnership allows for Kinova robotics technologies to address a wider range of needs through greater versatility and ultimately a lower price point.  The combination will undoubtedly help people use robotics more efficiently and more safely."

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