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Mélanie Beaupré, Production Supervisor

Quick Facts

Role: Production Supervisor

Academic background: Diploma in personnel management

With Kinova since 2018

What is your role?

My job is to schedule arms on order and make sure all assemblers have the parts needed to do their jobs and meet delivery dates promised to customers. I have to work with my teams to manage to deliver our products despite all the small daily pitfalls that can occur.

How would you explain it to your grandmother?

I take care of the production of robotic arms. Some are used to help people with reduced mobility in wheelchairs who help them perform several daily tasks that we exercise with our arms. Others are for universities and researchers, and more!

Kinova factory floor production bay for robotic arms

What do you like most about your job?

What I love most about my job is working with multiple teams and different products. Every day is different, the challenges we have to produce more to achieve our goals. To find solutions to ensure the fluidity of production. Always be alert to various situations that may arise, such as a lack of parts, a broken tool, absenteeism, new urgent orders, and more.

What brought you to the field of robotics?

What attracted me to robotics at first was helping people with limited mobility and technology which is pretty amazing. I saw myself evolving and growing in this company and especially learning in this field that I did not know at all.

How is your role different from your other colleagues?

Skills in personnel management are required for the title of supervisor as well as planning and being able to react quickly when an assembly problem arrives and puts our delivery times at risk. Sometimes we have to react quickly, quickly find a solution, and above all have the right approach with our teams to achieve our goal together.

Does your role exist outside of the field of robotics? If yes, is it different in our field? How?

This type of job exists in all manufacturing fields. The only difference is the type of product you make. For example at Kinova, assemblies require training followed by certification (about two weeks depending on the type of position) to be able to do the work alone. So we have to make sure, according to orders, that each department has the necessary number of employees. Otherwise, we have to plan for the movement of personnel, which means training and certification.

The same must be taken into account when an assembler or technician is absent. We must again re-align ourselves differently with the planning and see the certifications of each one to fill the gap. Also in robotics, virtually all our parts must first be inspected for quality before they can be used in production to ensure compliance. So another factor to watch out for since if the parts are non-compliant it can sometimes have an impact on production. In this case, we must quickly review the planning so as not to come to a production stop.

How were your studies helpful to prepare you for your role?

It helps me tremendously in managing my teams, both in terms of productivity and on a personal level. How to react to a conflict between two employees, how to bring new ideas, and also how to motivate your teams. The interpersonal side plays a very important role in a supervisory position.

Outside of school, where did you acquire the knowledge and skills useful to your job?

For over 15 years I have been working in the manufacturing industry. I have always worked with production teams and under pressure to deliver products. So each company helped me develop my resourcefulness and my speed in learning the products and planning them well. Prior to joining Kinova, I was fortunate to have a boss who has helped me immensely in developing my supervisory skills, which has helped me be where I am today.

VLM parts storage system Kinova factory Boisbriand Quebec Canada

Anything you would like to add?

Kinova is the company where I learned the most! The field of robotics is very complex, but as soon as we have questions, everyone is happy to explain to us in detail, which has allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge about each of the products. I love my work! It's very motivating and rewarding when you see everything you manage to produce and especially when it helps people.

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