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Carl Fenoll, Verification and Validation Test Technician

Quick Facts

Role: Verification and Validation Test Technician

Academic background: Technical degree in industrial electronics

With Kinova since 2015

What is your role?

Perform verification and validation tests for mechanical, electrical, and software systems to verify the various features and specifications of products under development. Provide technical support for the development of test benches for the engineering and production team.

How would you explain it to your grandmother?

I perform tests to ensure the quality and proper functioning of robotic arms.

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What do you like most about your job?

My team, my work environment, the fact of working with high-tech products, of continuously learning and of working for a Quebec company whose mission and values I share.

What brought you to the field of robotics?

A happy coincidence. I was looking for a job when this position was posted. Having always been interested in robotics, I jumped at the chance.

How is your role different from your other colleagues?

Since my position takes me to work with all of Kinova’s products, I have developed versatility regarding them all. Also, with experience, I have acquired a great knowledge of the many tests to be performed, which allows me to identify problems quickly and to share several observations with my colleagues.

Does your role exist outside of the field of robotics? If yes, is it different in our field? How?

Yes, many areas need test technicians to validate that their products are working. The big difference with other areas is the product itself. For example, at Kinova, we have to test products with several dimensions including mechanics, electronics and software, and we work with complex systems where no one knows 100 % of how they work. The tasks are therefore very different compared to another field where the tests would only relate to the mechanics of a product for example.

How were your studies helpful to prepare you for your role?

The industrial electronics degree leads you to study several fields, including electronics, mechanics, robotics, and programming. These areas studied are very useful in my work.

Outside of school, where did you acquire the knowledge and skills useful to your job?

Before joining Kinova, I worked for a company in the aerospace industry. This position allowed me to acquire skills that are very useful to me at Kinova, including concern for product quality.

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