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André Claveau, Mechanical Engineer Specialized in Automation

Quick Facts

Role: Mechanical Engineer Specialized in Automation

Academic background: Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering

With Kinova since 2018

What is your role?

I invent new equipment using 3D modeling software, the process for their manufacture and ensure their proper functioning once in operation.

How would you explain it to your grandmother?

I invent machines that assemble products. A product is, for example, at Kinova, a component of a robot.

Food and beverage automated packaging line machine equipment applying labels on aluminum cans via conveyors and sensors

What do you like most about your job?

Inventing is what I love the most. But seeing the results of all our efforts is also very gratifying. It’s not always easy. If it was too easy, it wouldn't be fun!

What brought you to the field of robotics?

Surely, the opportunity to design equipment that would be used by Kinova. Promoting and participating in the advancement of robotic technologies to serve humans is a cause close to my heart.

How is your role different from your other colleagues?

For more than 20 years, I have been a mechanical designer. I design new automated equipment. Equipment used in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial (automotive), and robotics fields. Being creative makes it possible to imagine, to invent equipment so that it meets a need for automation. Knowledge of the different products and technologies available on the market is essential. These products are sort of the foundation upon which good design is built. The imagination, the experience, and the knowledge of the products available on the market make it possible to start from a blank sheet and to design tailor-made equipment, therefore completely new.

Does your role exist outside of the field of robotics? If yes, is it different in our field? How?

Yes, the mechanical design of automated equipment is not a specialization called robotics. As automation experts, even though we often use industrial robots, we only use them, not design them - which is very different. So any company that manufactures custom equipment or any company that wants to internally design their own automated equipment can hire a mechanical engineer who has the profile of a mechanical designer.

What did you learn at school that prepared you for your role?

  • Teamwork
  • To learn
  • Theory and technical stuff (even if I don’t remember everything we did learn, the fact that I know it exists lets me look for it).
  • Do not hesitate to Google stuff!

Outside of school, where did you acquire the knowledge and skills useful to your job?

A little bit of mechanical work at home, with friends, car and motorcycle repair. But especially at work and I learn every day. This is what keeps me in this job.

Building bricks game play blocks orange white blue gray and black

Anything you would like to add?

Having a stimulating job that you love is essential. When I was young, I really liked drawing and playing with LEGO blocks. Today I still draw and I still play with blocks, often virtual! I still have the same interests. So, work becomes play! So have fun all your life too!

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