Get a firmer grasp on everyday objects.

Hold your needs to a higher standard. The KINOVATMGripper series gives you options that are lightweight, underactuated and part of the driving force that helps our robotic arms set industry standards. Our assistive technologies come equipped with KINOVATMGripper KG-2 or KINOVATMGripper KG-3, giving you the strength and adaptability of flexible two- and three-finger gripper models to lift, push, pull or manipulate objects of varying shapes and sizes.

Flex your newfound gripping capability

Flex your newfound gripping capability

The importance of flexibility can’t be overstated. Our grippers consists of passive compliant fingers that use flexible material to allow for unintentional contact without damaging the gripper’s internal mechanism or harming the individual using it. Grasp any object with a gripping force of 25–40 newtons, depending on the amount of fingers, and do it in a safe, efficient and user-friendly manner.Flex your newfound gripping capability,


Confidently control your environment

Each underactuated finger of the KINOVATMGripper series give you greater control and less worry over how to grasp the many objects you encounter in everyday settings. Whether your needs involve picking up common objects necessary for activities of daily living, or something more complex like dismantling small elements of an explosive device and handling fragile objects in a research setting, the light and compact design of our grippers is the perfect fit. Trust that our when mechanically intelligent fingers adapt to the shape of an object, they’re not letting go.Confidently control your environment,