François Boucher

François Boucher

Executive VP

François is a Kinovian through and through. For the past decade he has helped lead Kinova from small startup to international success.

The versatile leader’s main focus is business growth, but the hats he’s worn since joining Kinova include product development, marketing, strategy, talent and culture. It’s his ability to work with teams and fearlessness in taking on new challenges that quickly propelled him to become Kinova’s executive vice president in early 2017.

François graduated from Université Laval in 2002, completing his bachelor’s degree in physics engineering in four years. He immediately followed this up by earning his master’s in business management, during which he was presented with an opportunity to accompany the Gouvernement du Québec on a trade mission to Mexico.

His formative years allowed him the opportunity to build a strong technical knowledge on subjects he was passionate about, while also developing his business acumen and leadership abilities. Today, his main role with Kinova is to oversee corporate expansion in new markets and industries.