Kinovian life awaits you

Kinovian life awaits you

When you’re welcomed onto our team, consider it the beginning of a rewarding career in an unquestionably dynamic work environment. Here, you’re among passionate people who aren’t just incredibly skilled at what they do, but excited to wake up every day and do it. We’re curious, we’re eager to learn, we’re dedicated to our craft. The real sense of fulfillment you get knowing that your passion is helping to improve the human condition is palpable.

Your skills and expertise, your opinions and ideas, your enthusiasm and effort — all of these things help you create a perfect storm of opportunities to succeed today and grow down the road. Part of creating such a stimulating workplace is presenting everyone with new challenges as often as possible, and there are plenty of those to go around. Safe to say, it’s never boring here.

Working for a robotics company is pretty cool

Working for a robotics company is pretty cool

We also ensure to take full care of our colleagues on a day-to-day basis. Simple things like providing breakfast each day to ensure a healthy start, starting a running club and giving you flexible scheduling options — just to scratch the surface — help us function better as human beings.

Working for a robotics company is a pretty cool factoid to be able to tell people about yourself, but unless you live it, you’ll never fully appreciate just how amazing it is to be a Kinovian. Join us.

Shipping clerk

Job description only available in French 

Le commis à l’expédition aura les responsabilités de coordonner toutes les activités d’expédition outre-mer.   

Responsabilités :

  • En charge de la préparation des commandes et de leur emballage
  • Opérer le chariot élévateur de façon sécuritaire
  • Préparer la documentation de transport et de douane pour nos produits
  • Effectuer le suivi de livraison des équipements chez nos fournisseurs et nos clients

Exigences :

  • Diplôme d'études secondaire
  • Minimum d’un an d’expérience en expédition de marchandises
  • Connaissance des systèmes ERP ou WMS
  • Sens de l’organisation
  • Capacité d’analyse et de synthèse
  • Bonne connaissance de la suite Microsoft Office
  • Bilinguisme (Français/Anglais)

Atouts :

  • Connaissance des réglementations et des processus d’importation/exportation douanière ainsi que le classement tarifaire S.H.
  • Connaissance des Incoterms
  • Connaissance du logiciel d’expédition d’expédition UPS Worldship et Fedex Ship Manager

Entrée en poste:

  • Dès que possible

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