Visual 3D Perception for Interactive Robotic Tactile Data Acquisition by Jain, Siddarth; Corcodel, Radu; van Baar, Jeroen. IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE).

You may have seen in movies or on TV blind people recognizing people and objects by palpation. Well, these researchers from the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories managed to do the same with Gen3 and tactile sensors! Not only can they redraw the shape of objects, but they can also recognize them and differentiate materials! Learn more in September's paper of the month.

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Safety-Aware Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Physical Human-Robot Interaction by Oleinikov, A., Kusdavletov, S., Shintemirov, A., & Rubagotti, M. (2021). IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

Screenshot of the video provided as supplementary material, in which one can see the real robot and the simulated human

In the everlasting quest to improve human-robot collaboration, these researchers from Nazarbayev University propose a new control model allowing a robot to safely replan its motion in the presence of a human. Learn more about it in July’s paper of the month.

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An Autonomous Grape-Harvester Robot: Integrated System Architecture by Eleni Vrochidou, Konstantinos Tziridis, Alexandros Nikolaou, Theofanis Kalampokas, George A. Papakostas, Theodore P. Pachidis, Spyridon Mamalis, Stefanos Koundouras, and Vassilis G. Kaburlasos. Electronics, 10(9), 1056.

Conceptual system architecture and interoperability of the system units ARG ground unit prototype black robotic arm sensors

For June’s paper of the month, we are interested in applied robotics. Learn about a project by researchers from the International Hellenic University that aims to achieve Agriculture 4.0 by combining aerial units, teleoperation, and mobile manipulation for grape harvesting.

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Robot-Touch Promotes Memory Sensitization by Keshmiri, S. (2021). Robot-Touch Promotes Memory Sensitization. Applied Sciences, 11(5), 2271.

Kinova Gen2 dexterous and user-friendly 7 DoF ultra-ligthweight robotic arm with 2-finger KG-2 gripper

For May’s paper of the month, read about the research done by these HRI experts from the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International in Japan, studying the perception of contact with robots — a very hot topic in this new human-robot collaboration era.

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Not All Errors Are Created Equal: Exploring Human Responses to Robot Errors with Varying Severity. By Stiber, M., & Huang, C. M. (2020, October). In Companion Publication of the 2020 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (p. 97-101).

Figure from

Since robots working in close proximity with people is becoming increasingly common, these researchers from Johns Hopkins University were interested in examining the reaction time and response type of people when unexpected robot behaviors occur. Are you working on the integration of collaborative robots into safety-sensitive applications? Read about their results in April’s paper of the month.

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Mobile Manipulator for Autonomous Localization, Grasping and Precise Placement of Construction Material in a Semi-structured Environment. By Petr Stibinger, George Broughton, Filip Majer, Zdenek Rozsypálek, Anthony Wang, Kshitij Jindal, Alex Zhou, Dinesh Thakur, Giuseppe Loianno, Tomás Krajník, and Martin Saska.

NYU MBZIRC UGV 2020 competition with Kinova Gen3 arm red brick

See how these researchers from NYU Tandon, University of Pennsylvania, and Czech Technical University overcame the challenges of operating UGV mounted manipulators in outdoors semi-structured environments with an autonomous mobile robot for construction applications in March’s paper of the month!

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A Motion Planning Algorithm for Redundant Manipulators Using Rapidly Exploring Randomized Trees and Artificial Potential Fields. By Anoush Sepehri and Amirreza Mirbeygi Moghaddam.

Kinova Gen2 Kinova Gen3 7-axis 7 DoF ultra-lightweight robotic arm obstacle avoidance using motion planning algorithm

Just like robots, ideas are often better than the sum of their parts. See how these researchers from UBC and the University of Manitoba combined two well-known methods for obstacle avoidance with 7 DoF robots into a single generalized strategy that avoids the issue of both methods. The method is even showed to be transferable between different robot models!

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Optimal Grasping Pose Synthesis in a Constrained Environment. By Alessandro Altobelli, Ozan Tokatli, Guy Burroughes, and Robert Skilton, RACE, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Culham Science Centre.

Kinova Gen3 7-axis ultra-lightweight robotic arm autonomous grasping of different objects in glovebox environment using AI

Each different use case often imposes various limitations,  making autonomous grasping almost always a significant challenge in the world of robotics. In this month's featured paper, see how researchers from the Culham Science Center managed to create an algorithm that solves the grasping problem for robots operating in constrained spaces like gloveboxes without needing time or resources to train an AI.

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Robotics Utilization for Healthcare Digitization in Global COVID-19 Management. By Khan, Z. H., Siddique, A., & Lee, C. W. (2020), International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(11), 3819.

Kinova modified Gen3 robotic arm Moxi Diligent medical nurse and assistance mobile robot platform featured in paper

Dive into the many different applications involving robots for healthcare and how the existing technology can be leveraged in order to contribute to the global effort in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. See the link below for this extensive but very accessible report from engineering and medical researchers in Pakistan.

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Acoustic Collision Detection and Localization for Robot Manipulators. By Fan, X., Lee, D., Chen, Y., Prepscius, C., Isler, V., Jackel, L., ... & Lee, D. (2020). IROS.

Kinova Jaco arm Acoustic Collision Detection and Localization for Robot Manipulators Thumbnail

A few months ago, we have shared a quick video presenting their work. Now that it was presented during 2020's IROS virtual event, you can read about how these researchers from Samsung AI Center - New York pulled-off near-perfect collision localization by using their new noise-proof sound-based algorithm in November's Paper of the Month!

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Fast Object Pose Estimation Using Adaptive Threshold for Bin-Picking. By Wu Yan, Zhihao Xu, Xuefeng Zhou, Qianxing Su, Shuai Li, and Hongmin Wu.

Kinova Jaco arm installation with Ensenso 3D external camera bin picking  plastic piped corner joints and calibration plate

Discover how researchers from the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Modern Control Technology were able to implement lightweight and ultra-fast object pose estimation ideal for large-scale production scenarios.

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Robot Learning and Execution of Collaborative Manipulation Plans from YouTube Cooking Videos. By Hejia Zhang and Stefanos Nikolaidis, Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California.

Robot Learning and Execution of Collaborative Manipulation Plans from YouTube Cooking Videos Kinova Jaco2 Gen2 robotic arm

People often watch videos on the web to learn how to cook new recipes, assemble furniture, or repair a computer. We wish to enable robots with the very same capability. This is challenging; there is a large variation in manipulation actions and some videos even involve multiple persons, who collaborate by sharing and exchanging objects and tools.

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