Marvel at the power of motion

At the heart of each robotic arm we produce is a group of unsung heroes that drive both function and control: the KINOVAActuator series. Better known as KINOVA Actuator KA-58 and KINOVA Actuator KA-75+, our modular components provide the full range of motion and sensing capabilities that drive each device and allow anyone to easily build custom service robots. With their sleek carbon-fibre structure and easy integration, the only two words you’ll need to know about our actuators are “plug” and “play.”

Anwenderfreundliches Design, einfache Ausführung

User-friendly design and execution

Between design, functionality and quality, no element has been overlooked. With simple mechanical mounting and software installation, each actuator takes no more than a few minutes to set up and is ready to go. That sense of effortlessness extends beyond the technical aspect, however — we’ve moved past conventional design to create a more aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly look and feel for your service robot. Our low-interia actuators come equipped with a range of sensors to prevent robots causing harm to themselves or their surroundings.

Greater control means greater accuracy

Greater control means greater accuracy

Our actuators provide researchers and innovators with greater precision and flexibility to allow for more accurate results and more incredible breakthroughs. Our components allow complete control over torque, position or velocity, as well as joint rotations, giving you better, more accurate movements that will ensure your results hit the mark every time. Each actuator is also enabled to work with KINOVA Software Development Kit and ROS, allowing you seamless communication for each motion.