Charles Deguire

There’s no need too small, no task too great

Every mission starts with a brilliant idea. It all started when our founder and CEO Charles Deguire was a young man assisting three of his uncles living with muscular dystrophy. Inspired by an ingenious makeshift arm his uncle Jacques invented to independently pick up objects, Charles’ mission became clear – he would take this idea far beyond his uncle’s design.

Working tirelessly with co-founder Louis-Joseph L’Écuyer, they founded Kinova in 2006, launching their first robotic arm, Jaco, and changed the  paradigm of robotics by creating safe technologies with a human-centric purpose.

Today, our growing team of top talent around the world strives to carry forth that mission to provide humanity with robots that empower them to  achieve the extraordinary everyday.


Championing the next generation

Part of being Kinovian means giving back to the community and carrying forward our experience and good fortune working in such an exciting domain. 

Our team of ambassadors are very active in local schools and networking events, from presenting robotics 101 to elementary schools, to mentoring high school and college students in their projects for robotics competitions, and participating in open-table discussions on robotics engineering in some of the top universities. 

Where to reach us

Kinova inc (HQ)

4333, boulevard de la Grande-Allée 
Boisbriand QC, Canada, J7H 1M7

+1 (514) 277-3777

Kinova Europe GmbH


Großkitzighofer Straße 7 a
86853 Langerringen, Germany

T: +49 (0)8248 8887928

Kinova Europe GmbH

Assistive Technologies

Vorderbreitenthann 150
91555 Feuchtwangen, Germany

T: +49 (0) 160 2475287