Kinova employees and a burger food truck outside social activity

A people-centric culture

As a Kinovian, you’ll quickly understand the company’s modus operandi, centered around the fact that creating a better world starts from within. It would be impossible for our products to succeed if we didn’t foster an environment conducive to success. For us, this begins and ends with the ways in which we treat each other — colleague, client, partner, collaborator, or otherwise.

We’re all passionate individuals, but not without being respectful to our teammates, being receptive to ideas, and encouraging others to bring out the best in themselves.

Kinova employees playing ice hockey together social activity

Working for a robotics company is pretty cool

We also ensure to take full care of our colleagues on a day-to-day basis. Simple things like providing breakfast each day to ensure a healthy start, starting a running club, and giving you flexible scheduling options — just to scratch the surface — help us function better as human beings.

Working for a robotics company is a pretty cool factoid to be able to tell people about yourself, but unless you live it, you’ll never fully appreciate just how amazing it is to be a Kinovian. Join us.

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