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Dan’s new independence

"In 2003, I sustained a cervical-level spinal cord injury after falling from a trampoline. For 12 years, I’ve relied on the assistance of others to pick things up when I drop something on the floor, get me a drink or carry items that I can't pick up. However, my life completely changed the day JACO was in my possession."


graduate / student / videographer / media producer
Age: 29 years old
Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury

Human-robot interaction in Nursing

"Our work is aimed at developing service robots that operate side-by-side with humans, in dynamic human environments. Safe and effective operation in close proximity to people is something that Kinova has made a priority in their design, and this is why the JACO has become the manipulator of choice for our service robot applications."

Andrea Thomaz

Andrea Thomaz is at the University of Texas at Austin and CEO of  Diligent Droids, researching AI and Human-Robot Interaction