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Kinova sets the standard in safe and responsible robotic technology to perform alongside humans in structured and unstructured environments.

Our company-wide commitment is to democratize robotics and make them more accessible by offering next-generation solutions that meet specific needs.

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Andrea Thomaz

“Our work is aimed at developing service robots that operate side-by-side with humans, in dynamic human environments. Safe and effective operation in close proximity to people is something that Kinova has made a priority in their design, and this is why the JACO has become the manipulator of choice for our service robot applications.”

Andrea Thomaz

Prof. Andrea Thomaz is at the University of Texas at Austin and CEO of Diligent Droids, researching AI and Human-Robot Interaction

Dan Harvey

“In 2003, I sustained a cervical level spinal cord injury after falling from a trampoline. For 12 years, I’ve relied on the assistance of others to pick things up when I drop something on the floor, get me a drink or carry items that I can't pick up. However, my life completely changed the day JACO was in my possession.”

Dan Harvey

Dan is a 29-year old Graduate Student/Videographer/Music Producer

Fabrice Robert

“I think the main area this robot is useful in is building, when you have to interact with physical equipment. It’s ideal if you need to be able to set it up and tear it down very easily, and if you need to use the robot for different applications. It provides adaptability and flexibility to interact with physical equipment. Whether it’s in the fields of aerospace or medicine, it can be a very useful, polyvalent tool.”

Fabrice Robert

Fabrice is responsible for innovation at Sogeti, a subsidiary of worldwide technology consulting firm Capgemini

Doug Morrisson

“The Kinova Mico robot offers a fantastic research platform. Why? Quite simply because it is robust and easy to use (not forgetting its awesome software), making it the ideal platform to prototype from. The new Gen 3 looks like it has super-sized in terms of hardware, packing an even more powerful punch as a research tool.”

Doug Morrisson

A PhD Researcher, Doug works at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision

White robotic arm

Have you met our pathbreaking Gen3 robot?

Extremely versatile and portable, the KINOVAGen3 Ultra lightweight robot is pathbreaking, built from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of academic and industry research teams.

Its flexible hardware and open software architecture make it one of the most adaptive robots on the market, not to mention it’s got the best payload-to-weight ratio and is ideal for applications in structured and unstructured human environments.