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Kinova named in the RBR 2020 Innovation Awards

Once again, it’s a very exciting time for us at Kinova, being listed in the 2020 RBR50 Innovation Awards is testament to our evolution providing off-the-shelf robotic arms and technologies to a various number of organizations thriving in a broad range of fields.

This year we had the chance to be featured in the Product, technology & services innovation category (Innovation Class) with a more in-depth focus on Product introduction (Innovation Subclass). The title showing on our record goes as follows: “KINOVA’s Gen3 family of robotic arms supports research efforts and spurs commercial development”.

Overtime, as mentioned in The Robot Report June 2020 Digital Edition, page 88*, we were able to help pathbreakers and innovative thinkers by providing a key component within their solution. Including: security (EOD1) mobile robot, hazmat rig for handling nuclear waste, nurse-supporting mobile robot called “Moxi”, agrifood mobile robot, deep learning & AI algorithms testing platform, etc.

1Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Academic and commercial R&D efforts are the wellspring of most robotics innovation, including early experimentation and development for commercial-class robotics systems. Collaborative robotics arms are commonly employed as research tools, but the suppliers of most cobots consider research to be a secondary or tertiary target market after the manufacturing, logistics, and other commercial sectors. - Dan Kara, Robotics Business Review

The result of our engineered-fueled, ever-evolving R&D; an ultra lightweight, versatile and open software robotic arms family.

*PDF format, for the Issuu format please refer to page 38.

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About the RBR50

The annual RBR50 list, a leading indicator of robotics leadership, has been broadened in 2020 to celebrate a wider range of technology and business innovation.

Each year, the RBR50 innovation awards receive many more nominations than can fit in the annual list. This year, the final selection reflects more rigorous judging criteria, current technological and business trends in robotics, and reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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