RBR50 winners

Kinova among 2019 RBR50 top innovative and disruptive companies for commercial and industrial robotics

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It’s a very exciting time at Kinova, and being listed in the 2019 RBR50 is testament to our evolution in industrial and manufacturing automation solutions.

With a fundamental mindset of producing safe, collaborative, uncaged robots that work side by side with humans (from our roots in assistive robot technology), we have the unique advantage of naturally evolving our solutions for Industry 4.0 through next-generation robotics for human-robot interaction in highly structured and unstructured environments.

Customer demand for greater product variety is driving an increase in low-volume, high-mix manufacturing. Adaptive factories, in which production facilities can be rapidly repurposed, will increase. Robots are key to improving productivity in this challenging environment.

In order to meet these rapidly changing environments, adaptive robotic technology is essential. Kinova’s open robotic software and flexible hardware architecture offer businesses of all sizes the latest technology to safely and efficiently perform dynamic tasks in structured and unstructured human environments.

Most collaborative robots in the market today were built to tackle industrial tasks in caged environments, and are now being redesigned to be safe enough for human-robot interaction in unstructured environments. Kinova’s inherently safe technology is designed for both, providing businesses the flexibility to increase automation and productivity while empowering their workforce, where man and machine each perform tasks where they offer the most value for the business.

With Kinova’s open robotic software and modular, flexible hardware, businesses can adapt and configure their robotic solution to perform a multitude of tasks accurately, consistently and for endless hours, where human capabilities cannot compete. This frees up manpower to be more productive in evaluating performance data to drive continuous optimization for the business.

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