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Splash Forums Support Mico MICO v1 integrated with Simulink Real-time

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    I have a MATLAB/Simulink Speedgoat real-time target that I’m using to perform Real-time control and peripheral handling for research. As of now I’m controlling the MICO via USB API on my Windows host machine. I’d like to port Kinova control over to the RT target for several reasons, but that may prove difficult (and maybe not so valuable) since the MICO interface is USB. I’ve seen that the ethernet port on the Kinova is listed as unavailable, but to contact Kinova if I have more questions about it. If motor commands (current, torque, or velocity: don’t really care which) and feedback (position and torque) are available through this port at higher rates than the API, that would be incredibly useful. I realize this would bypass IK solvers and other extras in the Kinova API.

    If this cannot currently be done, I’d like to make a recommendation to include some form of ethernet-based protocol for developer access into the MICO/JACO controllers.




    Currently the Ethernet port is not yet available for control on any of our robot arms. My suggestion would be to write an email to support@kinova.ca and let us know the serial number of your MICO arm. We’ll be able to determine from there if there is any way we can help you increase the data speed.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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