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    I am currently controlling a Jaco2 6DOF with low level RS485 torque control and would like to send it to a home position using position control before switching to torque mode. All of the torque control code works, however I am having an issue using position mode with the serial command 0x0014 (get position command all values). It appears that the message only works if the target position is set in incremental values from the current position. For example: if servo 1 is at 50 degrees I can move to to 90 if I send a stream of write commands with a 2ms delay between messages incrementing the servo’s current position by 1 degree until the target is reached. However, I cannot simply send a command to have to arm move to 90 with a delay to allow it time to reach the target. Is this a requirement that the position be set incrementally, or is there a way to give the target angle and wait for the servo to reach it?





    Hi Pawel,

    It is definitely better to go incrementally (1-2 degrees max), for the smooth functionning of the actuator. If we would send a bigger increment, the command ”effort” would be too big for the actuator and may cause problem.

    I hope this will help to understand better

    If anything don’t hesitate,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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