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Splash Forums Support Jaco v1 Jacosoft and Win10 Anniversary Update

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    I’m having Jacosoft driver issues once again following the Anniversary update of Windows 10. The procedure described in the previous post no longer works. Please recommend a method to install the Kinova drivers in updated Windows 10 environment.

    Thank you, Steve Fox



    Hello Steve, I hope all is well,

    Unfortunately we don’t have a solution yet for the Anniversary update. I have read a bit about it on the web and it seems that with this update Microsoft doesn’t allow any un-signed drivers at all anymore.

    I will verify with our software team if we can find a new work-around for this and keep you informed here! In the meantime, if you find something, please don’t hesitate to share it here!

    Thank you very much,



    Hi Alex,

    Yes, unsigned drivers are only enabled when booting up Windows 10 Pro (1607) in Test mode. This is inconvenient but workable for developers but not available to the typical Jacosoft user. Apparently even Test mode requires a provisional, company assigned, signature.

    I haven’t seen any permanent work-arounds so far.



    Hi Steve,

    I’m one of the software developer at Kinova.

    I would like to have more details on the process you follow to install jacosoft drivers on Win10 build 1607.
    We tried on one of our laptop with a fresh Win10 Anniversary build iso and I was able to install the drivers using the same procedure as stated in this post : http://www.kinovarobotics.com/support/topic/jacosoft-and-usb3/

    Could you explain what you do and give us more details on your setup ?
    Could you send us a screenshot of the “winver” tool to know the exact build number ?
    Do you have SafeBoot ON on the PC ?
    Which version of Jacosoft do you have ?

    You can send an email to support@kinovarobotics.com, it will be sent to me by our support team.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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