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    Hello Kinova,

    I ran into a problem today, the robot stop at 10000° of rotation on the actuators 1,4,5,6 (as described in the documentation).
    We plan to use the robot for a long time (all night), and I want to avoid revert back the actuator to a value between 0° and 360° (I can manage to turn the actuators while our robot is in “take a break” mode, mode its not really a break if it moves).

    Is there any solution to reset the actuators to a value between 0 and 360 ? (exemple, when the robot is in 180*N*360 where N is an integral number, reset all actuator to 0 with the function setJointZero())

    thanks a lot !



    Hello LMathieu

    The 10000 degrees limit is coded directly inside the actuator firmware. There is no actual way to disabled this limitation from the software or API.

    Your suggestion to use the setJointZero function could be a solution, but it is really not optimal, let me explain: The function setJointZero sets the actuator to a perfect 180 degrees. If, for example, you return the actuator to 180,0050 degrees, and use the function, you will loose 0,005 degrees. This will give an offset to all the positions in your trajectory.

    Because our actuators don’t have such precision, the function will always set a slightly different zero position than before, and this is why it is really not an optimal solution.

    The best solution would really be to avoid the 10000 degrees firmware limitation in your trajectory by limiting the complete rotations, or rotating backward when you can.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards,



    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for the quick answer, I will rotate backward when our robot is idle then 🙂

    Is there any possibilities in the future that the API will allow to change these limitations ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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