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    Hello Kinova !,

    I’m currently working with the Jaco² on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) with angular position.

    When i’m sending some positions with the function “SendAdvanceTrajectory” (5 positions most of the time), the robot stop (for less than half a second) between every position.
    While when i’m using Development Center to program the same path, the robot don’t stop between the position.
    It seem like the position accuracy while using “SendAdvanceTrajectory” it way greater than using Development Center.

    Is there some way to “ease” the path or program the accuracy of the actuator ?

    Here is an extract of my code (I receive one ROS message by position) :

    void callback(std_msgs::Float64MultiArray array){

    //Building a trajectory point
    TrajectoryPoint point;
    memset(&point, 0, sizeof(point)); // zero structure

    //If its the first message in a path
    if(array.layout.dim[0].stride == 0){
    //we begin a new path
    point.Position.Actuators.Actuator1 = array.data[0]*(180/3.1415926);
    point.Position.Actuators.Actuator2 = array.data[1]*(180/3.1415926);
    point.Position.Actuators.Actuator3 = array.data[2]*(180/3.1415926);
    point.Position.Actuators.Actuator4 = array.data[3]*(180/3.1415926);
    point.Position.Actuators.Actuator5 = array.data[4]*(180/3.1415926);
    point.Position.Actuators.Actuator6 = array.data[5]*(180/3.1415926);
    point.Position.Type = ANGULAR_POSITION;
    point.Position.HandMode = HAND_NOMOVEMENT;




    Hugo Lamontagne

    Hi LMathieu,

    Could you try the same code but instead of using SendAdvanceTrajectory, try with SendBasicTrajectory.

    Keep me posted,





    Sorry for the late answer.

    I tried with the SendBasicTrajectory, but I didn’t see any change.
    This kind of behavior doesn’t appear on Cartesian movement, so I used it 🙂

    thanks for the answer !

    Best regards,


    Hugo Lamontagne

    Very glad to hear that. 🙂

    Don’t hesitate if you have any other question.

    Have a nice day,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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