Kinova SDK

Kinova SDK provides all the tools and latitude
to entirely benefit all the robot capabilities.



  • Compatible with Windows (7, 8) and Linux Ubuntu (14.04 & 16.04)
  • ROS package available
  • C++ APIs accessible via controller’s USB port
  • Settings, tools, resources and examples all easily accessible in the Kinova Development Center


  • Age: 37
  • Occupation: Product Specialist at Kinova
  • Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
  • Story:
JACO really changed my life! This robotic arm quickly became the extension of myself. It allows me to be much more autonomous and independent. To accomplish different daily tasks alone, like drinking, eating and manipulating objects really improved my quality of life. To be of help to my spouse and interact with kids greatly enriches my self-respect.

Laura Bairett

  • Age: 18
  • Occupation: Student
  • Diagnosis: Spinal muscular atrophy
  • Story:
When JACO first came to America, I was there to greet it.Throughout my life, I'd tried many things to become independent: for instance, I could turn on a sink with a pair of scissors, or open a door with my seat belt and some excessively strategic driving. Nothing, however, produced the full freedom that I craved. I had plans for my life, and they did not include "Sit at home, stay where you're safe, let others take care of you." They did include moving out, going to college, and beginning a professional career. The burning question was how to accomplish these things. The answer came in my junior year of high school, when I met the American distributors of JACO and received my very own robotic arm.The difference JACO made at first was marked. I could retrieve keys from the ground, open doors, and pay cashiers without worrying about my own limited arm strength. The difference JACO makes now, after a year or two of use, is astounding. I can operate elevator buttons, slip individual books from high shelves, and perform my own physical therapy. I can cook, clean, and take care of myself. In my most recent escapade, I used JACO to hold my hands above my head and thus get x-rays without physical assistance for the first time in my young life.When fall arrives, I will be leaving home and family to spend my freshman year of college at Brigham Young University. My goals are truly being realized. Because of JACO, they aren't ludicrous; they're possible. They aren't dangerous; they're natural. They aren't just dreams; they're reality. Because of JACO, my life is independent.

Dan Harvey

  • Age : 29
  • Occupation : Graduate Student/Videographer/Media Producer
  • Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury
  • Story:
In 2003, I sustained a cervical level spinal cord injury after falling from a trampoline. For twelve years, I have relied on the assistance of others to pick things up when I drop something on the floor, get me a drink, or carry items that I can't pick up. However, my life completely changed the day JACO was in my possession. JACO can perform simple tasks, and he can assist me with a variety of complex tasks, too. JACO can even hold my camera for me! Kinova, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Isabelle Ducharme

  • Age : 48
  • Occupation : Volunteer devoted to the social integration of people with disabilities
  • Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury
  • Story:
 Born in Montreal, I grew up having a busy lifestyle.  As far back as I can remember, I always thrived on adventure and challenges.  Life served me well, among others with my car accident happening the day before my 22nd birthday.  Quadriplegic since that day, I get around in a motorized wheelchair and I only have partial control of movement in my arms, with no dexterity in my fingers.  I worked really hard since the beginning to get back my maximum independence and continue to search for ways to become even more so.  The discovery of Jaco has been a major revelation in my life as a person living with mobility impairment.  He brings me independence, but just as important, a feeling of safety and security.  I can now grab a beverage and drink it without a straw, pick up objects when they fall to the floor without having to wait for someone to be there to pick it up for me, I can press elevator buttons that are often too high in public places, etc. There’s also a lot less worry for me and my « entourage » when I am alone in my apartment.
“My life completely changed the day JACO was in my possession ”
Dan Harvey

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