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Facilitating technology research

MOVOBETA is a mobile manipulator platform designed to aid researchers and enable the discovery of innovative approaches and applications for mobile manipulation.

An unprecedented convergence of features

MOVO will offer a unique combination of performance, scalability, modularity, configurability and openness

Open high-end hardware
saves time and effort and allows you to focus on your research topic
including MoveIt! and Gazebo integration
Ethernet, Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB
Enhanced Navigation
Navigates autonomously right out of the box
Assisted Teleoperation
you can drive MOVO while its sensors assist in preventing collisions
Map Creation
MOVO creates its own maps for autonomous navigation
high-performance odometry, sensors and ease-of-use

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The origins of MOVO

Kinova® has been a leader in the robotics space for more than a decade and is best known for its JACO robotic arm. MOVO, scheduled to launch in 2018, will be the first of Kinova’s mobile manipulator product line.


Testimonial from a researcher

positive early experience with movo

We were looking for a reliable, general-purpose mobile manipulation platform, because the research projects pursued in my lab are often quite diverse. MOVOBETA looks to be a great general-purpose research platform. We’re planning to use it as our primary mobile manipulator for years to come. I wanted a robot from a manufacturer that I believed would be responsive to my needs, and that I am confident will be around for a while. I have also enjoyed working with JACO arms in the past—they’re very capable, especially for the price, and support has been very responsive—so I wanted to keep using them.Integration and support are paramount.

George Konidaris
Director, Intelligent Robot Lab
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Brown University, Providence RI


MOVO is now in BETA and we are looking for qualified people to collaborate, share their experience and inspiration, and help us discover new applications. Qualified researchers can take advantage of discounted pricing. Our launch is set for 2018 and we are looking for researchers working in different fields who would, in time, become the founding MOVOBETA community.

Our dedicated support team will help BETA participants work with MOVO in their various respective applications. Mutual success is the objective.

Thanks very much for your interest in this important and exciting initiative. We will contact you soon with more information.

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