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Boisbriand, Quebec, May 20 2016 – Kinova Robotics, the leader in the development of robotics platforms and components that are simple, sexy and safe, is proud to announce its collaboration with the project « Collaborative Research and Training Experience » CREATE, with McGill university for teacher training students in the field of surgical robotics.

On April 14th, at a press conference held at McGill University, the National Scientific  and Engineering of Canada (NSERC), announced a grant « Collaborative Research and Training Experience » CREATE, totaling $21.4 million. Of this, $1.6 million will be awarded to McGill to finance a six-year project led by Professor Jake Barralet who teaches experimental surgery in the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry.

Stuart Kozlick, Sr. Director, Medical Device Strategy & Innovation at Kinova, was present at the event: « Kinova, my fellow colleagues in industry and myself, are proud and honored to have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the future of our physicians, engineers, and business men and women. As such, we are excited to offer our cooperative involvement, aimed at aiding in both real-world product development education and hands-on application in the areas of rehabilitation, service, and medical/surgical robotics. » Kinova is pleased to join this team, to contribute to the research of more than 90 students, both graduate and undergraduate levels, which will affect this grant.

About Kinova

Kinova designs and manufactures robotics platforms and components that are simple, sexy and safe under two business units: Assistive Robotics empowers people with disabilities to push beyond their current boundaries and limitations while Service Robotics empowers people in industry to interact with their environment more efficiently and safely.


For more information, please visit:  http://publications.mcgill.ca/reporter/2016/04/nserc-create-grants-announced-at-mcgill

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