Kinova ranked 16th on the 2016 PROFIT 500 list


PROFIT and Canadian Business unveils 28th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies BOISBRIAND, QC, Sept. 19, 2016 – As part of the 28 edition of its annual list, Canadian Business and the Magazine PROFIT 500 have just announced that Kinova is part of the 500 Canadian companies with the highest growth in revenues in the past five years. Kinova has achieved a prominent place on the PROFIT 500’s ranking, thanks to an extraordinary growth of 4,389% on a 5-year period. The Boisbriand society appears as the 16th fastest-growing company in Canada. Note that only two companies from the province of Québec appear on the top 20. “It’s with great honor that Kinova is part of the top 20 Canadian fastest-growing companies, says Charles Deguire, CEO and co-founder of Kinova. It’s been a year filled with challenges and we are very enthusiastic about Kinova’s growth perspectives for the future. We are especially pleased to see the increasing number of Kinovians empowering humanity. Besides, we are recruiting!” Interesting facts on Kinova :

  • Kinova was founded in 2006 by Charles Deguire and Louis-Joseph Caron L’Écuyer, two visionary and passionate engineers
  • Our mission is to push the limits of humanity by amplifying human capacities and making our solutions accessible
  • Soon to be 100 Kinovians
  • Our robots are changing lifes in 35 countries

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About Kinova Kinova is a Canadian company that pushes the limits of humanity by amplifying human capacities and making its solutions accessible. Located in the heart of Boisbriand, our team included close to 100 Kinovians. We develop and produce robots that change lives, while supporting our users. Our activities rely on excellence, creativity and humanity.

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