Humans & Robots

Five Ways Robotics Will Assist the Medical World in 2018

Here’s our quick look forward at the ways in which we envision robots impacting medical practitioners this year.

By Stuart Kozlick

With another year comes another round of work on the part of robotics developers to introduce new devices into medical spaces, such as hospitals, clinics, and operating rooms.

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Industry insights

Doctors Replaced by Robots? Wait a Minute…

In its July 10th web edition, Forbes magazine published an article with a disturbing title: “Prepare yourself, robots will soon replace doctors in the healthcare.” This statement is clearly exaggerated and requires further explanation.

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Expert Talk

Service to Humans, the Future of Robotics

Even though robotic is changing, it’s still confined to the industrial sector. Companies looking for automation use industrial robotics and call existing large companies to meet their needs. However, this market is starting to be saturated.

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Industry insights

Robotics: Evolution, Fears and Reality

Modern robotics can be very fascinating and helpful to society, but for a lot of people the thought of robots and humans living alongside each other is still new and frightening. But are these fears justified?

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