We work so that robots evolve from improving manufacturing capability in industry to human capacity through responsible, respectful uses of technology.

From needs to innovation

Kinova is a Canadian company that operates worldwide. We design and manufacture robotic solutions that are simple to use, versatile and, above all, meant to increase human capacity through responsible, respectful uses of technology. Our solutions empower people living with upper-body mobility impairments to have freedom of movement, professionals and universities to drive their research forward, and health-care professionals to provide better outcomes for their patients.

Our Story



Kinova was founded by Charles Deguire (CEO) and Louis-Joseph Caron L’Écuyer (CTO), two passionate, inspiring and visionary young individuals with Bachelor of Engineering degrees. It all started when Charles Deguire got the “invention bug” at an early age while supporting and assisting three of his uncles living with muscular dystrophy. One of them, Jacques “JACO” Forest, had already designed an ingenious makeshift arm that was able to pick up all kinds of objects. Motivated and inspired by his inventive uncle, who passed away in 1993, Charles Deguire took up this robotic arm idea and elaborated on it.


Thus was born Jaco

Launched in 2009, JACO is a six-axis robotic manipulator arm with a three-fingered hand. This marvel of engineering significantly improves the lives of persons with reduced upper body mobility by assisting them in performing complex actions. Immediately adopted by many with upper body disabilities, JACO soon made a name for itself.


JACO Research Edition launch

During that period, with such a unique product on their hands, the company began to be solicited for other applications of the robotic arm. While the product was continuously improved by Kinova’s engineers, tools were added for robotic developers and integrators to the point where a JACO Research Edition was launched in 2012.


Opening of German Office

Kinova established an office in Bonn Germany in early 2017, which offers direct service and installation to its clients.

Launch of the Medical Robotics division

Its mission is to define the future of medical intervention, creating robotics applications that can be expanded to a broad spectrum of medical procedures and developing strategic partnerships in industry, hospitals and governments to help create aligned and value-based healthcare models that deliver better patient outcomes.


Kinova is set to offer consumers a new product line with the beta launch of MOVO, a mobile manipulation platform designed to aid in the research and experimentation of mobile robotics.

Our Vision

Empower humanity through robotics

Our mission

Provide life-changing robots

Our purpose

Helping human beings perform extraordinary gestures

  • 1Humanity: By paying attention to the professional, psychological, emotional and physical needs of our clients, partners and collaborators and by allowing the human to push its limits
  • 2Creativity: Thinking of tools beyond conventions
  • 3Excellence: By adapting our robotic-based solutions to ensure they enable our customer’s definition of success, outperforming all standards and learning faster than others

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Expert Talk


My objective at Kinova is to build bridges between people, businesses, educational organizations, and governments to effectively fuel the cycle of innovation. Unsurprisingly, that means hopping on a plane and going to find the best people in the world to exchange with. This is why the concept of Steering Committees as I came to realize is, and will increasingly be, vital.

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Expert Talk

CEO Q&A: Why is the business world the most efficient method to fuel innovation?

While the products and the company has evolved over time, what has remained stagnant is Deguire’s commitment to science that empowers mankind. What does that mean in practical terms? This Q&A uncovers the foundations of Charles’ inspirations and explains why the business world is the most efficient method to fuel innovation.

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Life @ Kinova

Building a Great External Brand Starts From the Inside

To build an amazing company outside your office’s walls starts entirely by building an amazing company inside of them.

Internally, Kinova walks the talk. For us, it’s not just about the way we design or make products, or our thinking process — those things are important, yes — but the way we treat each other.

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