We work so that robots evolve from improving manufacturing capability
in industry to improving quality of life in individuals.

From needs to innovation

Kinova designs and manufactures robotics platforms and components that are simple, sexy and safe under two business units: Assistive Robotics empowers people with disabilities to push beyond their current boundaries and limitations while Service Robotics empowers people in industry to interact with their environment more efficiently and safely.


Kinova was founded in 2006 by co-founders Charles Deguire (CEO) and Louis-Joseph Caron L’Écuyer (CTO), two passionate, inspiring and visionary young bachelors in engineering. It all started when Charles Deguire got the «invention bug» at an early age while supporting and assisting three of his uncles living with muscular dystrophy. One of them, Jacques “JACO” Forest, had already designed an ingenious makeshift arm that was able to pick up all kinds of objects. Motivated and inspired by his inventive uncle, who passed away in 1993, Charles Deguire took up this robotic arm idea and elaborated on it.

Thus was
born Jaco

Launched in 2010, JACO is a six-axis robotic manipulator arm with a three-fingered hand. This little marvel of engineering significantly improves the lives of persons with reduced mobility by assisting anyone with an upper body mobility impairment to perform complex actions.

The assistive robot was immediately adopted by many of those with upper body disabilities and JACO soon made a name for itself.


During that period, with such a unique product on their hands, the company began to be solicited for other applications of the robotic arm. While the product was continuously improved by Kinova’s engineers, tools were added for robotic developers and integrators to the point where a JACO Research Edition was launched in 2012.


In 2013, the little brother of JACO was launched, MICO, A smaller, more compact and affordable version than its senior relative. By extending its portfolio, Kinova addressed a wider spectrum of needs for different potential users.


In 2015, with a brand new image, Kinova created two new divisions to better answer the needs and requirements of its respective customers in Service Robotics and Assistive Robotics.

Our Mission

Provide life-changing service robots with an experience for the users, partners and Kinovians that outclass all the standards.

Our Vision

Empower humanity through robotics.
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